An exciting concoction of traditional and unexpected elements, Albedo features tracks that recently won awards in the Great Lakes Songwriting Contest and Indyindie’s Battle of the Bands. Aerin Tedesco and Andrea Bunch’s trademark vocal harmonies soar atop original samples and acoustic guitars. Aerin coaxes new tricks out of old dogs as she rocks her antique tenor guitars (1934 Gibson archtop and 1927 Gibson) alongside dramatic cello and violin arrangements. Andrea’s innovative use of sounds, from cicadas to cement cutters, brings refreshing distinction to the hook-heavy folk rock tunes. Shannon O’Brien’s masterful drumming adds inspired dynamics to Congress of Starlings’ politically conscious songs. Their lyrics embrace animal and human rights, feminist and queer issues, historical tales and the occasional nightmare. buy this CD at CD Baby CD Baby is the bomb!


Aerin's acclaimed 2003 release. Crisp song arrangements and stellar harmonies (featuring Andrea Bunch) punctuate the album, creating a mix that is irresisitible. Birthmark is ærin's best work to date by far! Most of the album was recorded by Belfast native and local Chicago engineer Joe Cassidy (Butterfly Child, Assassins) and features a host of local talent such as Doug Brush (Las Guitarra s de Espana, Kristin Shout) on drums and percussion, Nick Macri (Euphone, Bobby Conn) on bass, J.P. Cassidy (Magnesium, Cardinals) on electric guitar, Steve Thorngate (Sinister Luck Ensemble) on electric guitar, Rob Stephenson (Sunnyside Up) on guitar, and Andrea Bunch on vocals. buy this CD at CD Baby


Andrea Bunch's 2004 release, Numinous, was named Chicago Song Circle's Best Female CD of the year, and was nominated for Outstanding Debut Recording by Outmusic NYC. "A great poet once said 'make it new'. The anti-folk songs on Andrea Bunch's distinguished debut album Numinous find a common place for acoustic instrumentation and clear and powerful vocals to be enhanced by unusual samples and synthesizer sounds". Gregg Shapiro- Windy City Times buy this CD at CD Baby

Angels and Allegories

Aerin's 1999 recording was her first project with band Gabriel’s Cage:  Mike Schenkel on electric guitar, Dave Rosenberg (Alison Pipitone and the Cash Cows, The Maniacs, Planet 9) on bass, and Eric Christ (Alison Pipitone and the Cash Cows, Generous Portions) on drums/percussion.  The album also features special guest artists Kathy Moriarty, Jennifer Guillow, and Brett Burnsworth on vocals and Tim Baldwin on electric guitar. The recording was engineered by John Caruso (Gretchen Schulz, Ani DiFranco, Alison Pipitone, The Need), Marc Hunt (Goo Goo Dolls), and Greg Kusiak at Ear Candy Audio. The introduction of the band gives Aerin’s songs a whole new dimension and brings out subtle rhythms and counterpoint melodies that are implied in the original solo performances of her songs. Tedesco’s trademark tenor guitar is balanced by Rosenberg’s well-crafted fretless bass arrangements, which punctuate songs like "Without You," "Fire," and "Stone," giving them a new layer of texture. Lush percussive stylings and transcendent harmonies intensify the emotion conveyed in the songs.  Aerin says of Angels and Allegories, "The record deals with the fact that coincidences do not exist. Everything happens for a reason. If you treat each occurrence as a symbol of something, the semiotic nature of our existence becomes apparent. Angels can inhabit many bodies, and their energy is everywhere. They help us to understand the significance of each sign and how it relates to our lives." Buy this CD at CD Baby!

Post Meridiem

1997- The reflective writing on Aerin's third release examines the passage of time, framed by months and years, and by more cosmic bounds. Rock diva Alison Pipitone lends her trademark vocals, and Buffalo legend Michael Meldrum compliments Aerin's tenor with his six-string guitar. To purchase please email aerin at!

From Indigo to Violet

1996- With her second release Aerin continues to develop the sound that some listeners describe as ethereal; the violin-like undertones of Aerin's vocals and the percussiveness of her tenor guitar transform her solo work into a four-piece sound.  Extraordinary melodies combined with potent and passionate lyrics make songs like "Rock" unforgettable:  "All this time I've been thinking that I'm not the one to blame / While the sand around your ankles is slowly washed away by shame."  Also features a piano duet with co-writer Aaron English on "Photographs." To purchase please email aerin at!

Out of Context/Ichthyophobia

1993/1994- This album-and-a-half features songs which are still favorites to long-time fans.  "Suspended" is a short, sweet expression of the existence between contexts from which this collection of songs was born:  "Is it the place or the people?  Is it the people or the place?  Should I bring them here?  Should I take them there?  Wondering where is home."  To purchase please email aerin at!