Great Lakes Songwriting Contest 

This year we participated in the Great Lakes Songwriting Contest. Aerin's song "Timekeeper" was a Finalist and Andrea's "Empty Me" received an Honorable Mention! There were over 500 submissions, so we are happy and honored to receive recognition among so many fine songwriters! Check out to see all the winners.

Windy City Podcast 

Congress of Starlings appear on Windy City Queercast with Peter Mavrik and Amy Matheny! We're talking about recording Albedo & how the songs came about. New songs and intriguing interviews! Visit to hear it!


Numinous is Chicago Song Circle's Local Solo Female Pick of the Year! Yee Haw It's on the favorites list along with astounding folks like Andrew Bird, Patty Larkin and Anna Fermin. Check out the site: Favorite Female Solo CD: Numinous, Andrea Bunch "Anti-folkie Bunch experiments with everything from lovely a cappella and folk to searing electronica, standing out as an exciting and creative artist in a sea of average "chicks with guitars."…

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